About us!

LoadedDice.ca is dedicated to creating an inclusive tabletop and board game community in BC. We do this by making tabletop gaming more accessible to everyone, through game reviews and real life perspectives from an experienced gamer and a female gamer. We also hope to encourage the game development community in BC, and so we’re always happy to test proto games and to review indie titles.

This is a new project for us, so please be patient while content is created.

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Suggestions, comments, and constructive feedback is always welcome. Please email us at info@loadeddice.ca.

The authors

This is where Blair will eventually write a bio. Maybe. What is more likely is Andrea will get tired of seeing this and write it for Blair.

A relative newbie to the table top world, Andrea has caught the gaming bug. A long time online forum role play gamer, she's interested in the comparisons between online and offline gaming cultures and communities. With over fifteen years managing online communities, Andrea has turned her interest into a career as the communications coordinator for a nonprofit organization. Andrea is also a bibliophile, fiction writer, Trekkie, and Disney theme parks fan.

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